Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Evaluation Of Pamphlets

This term in Room One we are doing work around the elections so we had to create a party. We also had to create a pamphlet to advertise our party. Our pamphlets had to have three columns on each side.
These were the things we had to include:

✓Name of party
ID leaders
✓Deliberate use of color
✓Photo of party participants
✓Easy to read
✓Contact details
✓Policies x2

I rate our pamphlet a 9/10 because I have included all but one of the things we had to contain in our pamphlets.
Next time I will include our parties individual leader as that was the only thing we didn’t have.

(this is backwards, but when you fold it, it will be the correct way)
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 1.25.40 PM.png

Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 1.23.43 PM.png

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Scratch Games

Speech Screencastify

Show an increasing understanding of how to shape texts for different purposes and audiences.

Context: Rotary Speech Competition and the New Zealand Elections

Success Criteria: we will have met our learning intentions when we can

  • Plan our speech using Coggle
  • Construct texts that show an awareness of purpose and audience through deliberate choice of content, language, and text form.
  • Convey and sustain personal voice where appropriate.
  • Write and film our own version of a “edTalk” to share with our peers.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Election Party 'The White Doves'

๐Ÿ•ŠThe White Doves๐Ÿ•Š
Aleece -
Name: Dove/s, The White Doves
Slogan: ‘Where you find doves, you will find peace’

Screenshot 2017-08-22 at 3.57.07 PM.png
Policies: Policy to do with peace: ‘We will show peace and others will follow’ It causes damage not only to our environment but also our community as people. We will give good examples of peace and others will follow us and join us in our mission of peace. We will be respectful of other cultures and they will be respectful of us. We will avoid violence and weapons in our policing. This is an issue because violence and war is not okay. We’re addressing this issue in this way because we know that many people will benefit from it.

Housing policy: ‘Every person without a home will be provided with one’ Nobody deserves to not have a home. We will make housing more affordable. Those that cannot afford homes with be offered loans. More basic family homes will be built for those who cannot find the house they need. We are addressing the issue in this way because it is our duty it is what we believe is the right thing to do.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Ski Recount D.L.O

Ski Recount
It was Rahina morning at ono am. I was sleepy and confused. What was going on? “Morning sweetie!” Mum blurted loudly “Time to get going!”.
“Errhh” I complained loudly but obliged. I got dressed and since we packed yesterday all I had to do was have breakfast and put the bags in the car.

We arrived at school at rua tekau to whetu. I was so relieved that we could go because there was a chance of wind and we might not have been able to go. “Brrhh!” I was shivering (it was super makariri). After a quick chat about the rules and conditions of the ski field we were off. Both Abby and Greanne were traveling with us to the ski field.

After only one stop(at a bridge because a truck traveling with the beams for the bridge) we arrived at the ski field. We got into our ski gear and headed to the place where hire your boots and ski’s. First we had to get our tickets. Then we got our boots and ski’s (some of us got poles). We then headed to the beginners slope because before we were allowed to go on to the intermediate slope we had to prove we could stay in control. We were given a password (Pounamu). Soon enough we were off to the intermediate slope and the chairlift straight after.

After a few runs down the chairlift the tane controlling it at the top told us to head straight down and not come up again. We were really confused because we knew our lesson wasn’t until twelve but we headed down anyway. At the bottom our instructor was waiting for us. Our lesson had been moved forward because the weather was windy and they didn’t know how long the lift would be open (the T’s had been closed already).  

The lesson was very interesting and we learnt a lot. The instructor watched each of us ski down and then gave us each something to work on. He told Mitchell and I to work on our movement. As we were both very stiff when we were skiing. We were told to straighten up as we were skiing and then bend as we were turning, the short amount of time we were facing down hill we had to straighten up and then bend again to finish the end of the turn. It was a great lesson and I learnt a lot.  

At the very end of the lesson we went over the box jump on the intermediate slope. Not many people landed it as we only had time to go over once. After the lesson though Poppy and I decided to have a go on our own. We both landed it and then we had a go at the others. By the end of the day we had both managed to land all of the jumps multiple times. We were just lining up for the tow on the intermediate slope when I saw someone heading for the jumps. He came off the chairlift slope he was going over the first jump when he lost control on the icey parts. He slipped and sat on the back of his ski’s and couldn’t get up but he couldn’t stop either. Over the second jump and the box jump then boom! He crashed straight into the fence. Ouch!

It was getting late and it was time to go home. I couldn’t wait my legs were tired and sore from my tight boots. And my face was red and numb with cold. It was time to go home. We packed up the car and got ready to go. I couldn’t wait to get home. The travel home was far from quiet we laughed the whole way back.

By Aleece

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Word Cloud Poetry

We are learning to present our thinking and ideas in a range of ways.  
Context: Matariki
We will have been successful when we have gathered our vocabulary around Matariki and presented it in a word cloud on our learning blog.

We went to to build our word clouds.Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 9.59.38 AM.png